Grace and Emmanuel | Sheffield Wedding Video

Grace and Emmanuel filmed the whole event using 2 cameras including, the preparations in the morning at home; the ceremony at The Sacred Heart Church, Hillsborough; the reception through to the party in the evening at The Hilton Hotel, Sheffield. Grace and Emmanuel had a wonderful day made even more special by the presence of their relatives from Nigeria in beautifully colourful traditional dress.

Wedding Preparations

Wedding Preparations

This clip is a very good example of how the team are able to shoot certain moments that would normally be missed on the wedding day. To spot these moments requires a very good eye and knowledge of what shots are needed to complete the scene so that when it is edited there are enough shots to make a sequence work and become a memorable part of the documentary which most people will not have even realised had happened! The sequence (using a popular Iranian track selected by the …Continue Reading >>

Andy and Shima | Sheffield Wedding Video

Andy and Shima

The combination of the beautiful Shima, who is Iranian, and her family, who flew in from Iran for the wedding, combined with the fun-loving Andy (the disco dance and wig were showstoppers in the evening!), whose passion is rock climbing, and his family and friends made for a great celebration at The Kenwood Hall in Sheffield. filmed the whole event using 2 cameras, from the preparations in the morning, the ceremony, the reception through to the party in the evening. We presented them with a 40 minute documentary within …Continue Reading >>